Christmas Phonics – Reviewing an App from AbiTalk

Recently I had a chance to use the AbiTalk Christmas Phonics app with my kids, and wanted to share it here. I found the Christmas Phonics app to be appropriate for any beginning or pre-reader who is learning single letter sounds.

Over holiday breaks we are often looking for fun but educational ways to keep our 6 year old son with autism engaged.  He is fairly picky about educational apps but hands down he loved this one.

AbiTalk Christmas Phonics AppThe AbiTalk Christmas Phonics app relies on Montessori phonics and the speaker was slow and clear in a voice that didn’t aggravate his auditory sensory issues. We were able to either pick specific letters to work on or choose the random option.  Essentially the holiday tree has ornaments with letters on them and under the tree are ornaments that have pictures.   His job was to match the pictures with their corresponding letter on the tree.  He isn’t able to read yet so we both appreciate that the app read the pictures and letters to you to remind you of the phonic sounds.

As an added bonus I actually found that he was repeating the letters and words so he was practicing listening and speaking the sounds.  Once he completed the tree, holiday music started playing and the tree has really fun and colorful graphics that he was enthralled by.

The only thing I think would improve the AbiTalk Christmas Phonics app is if the app read the directions to the child.  As a nonreader, he wasn’t able to independently the start the game by himself which he likes to do because he couldn’t read the directions.  With this addition this app would be great for home or when traveling over the holidays.

You can grab your copy of the AbiTalk Christmas Phonics from the AbiTalk website, or through iTunes.


Disclosure:  This contributor received a complimentary copy of the product for the sole purpose of providing readers an unbiased review. All opinions originate with the author; no other compensation has been provided.  You can find additional disclosure information here.

Jennifer Butler
Jennifer is the mother of 2 children and more 4 legged furry babies than she (or her husband) cares to count. Both of her children have primary immune deficiencies and her son is also on the autism spectrum. Jennifer is a full time Organizational Communication professor whose research focuses on work family balancing. Jennifer spends her spare time rescuing animals and advocating for her special needs children. She does this by focusing much of her energy on service dogs for children and being a school board member at her children’s school. You may contact her on Facebook, on Twitter, or at her blog, Caden's Tale.
Jennifer Butler
Jennifer Butler

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  1. My Grandaughter is 3 and she would love this! It is time for her to start learning to READ! Thanks for sharing.
    Happy Holidays,

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