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Sentence Builder App is a great educational app by Abitalk Incorporated that allows the user to learn to build a basic sentence from the ground up. The app is designed for kids age 4-7 and aptly so, but doesn’t have to be limited to just those ages in my opinion. This is really a universal app that can be greatly utilized in any situation that would be involved in enhancing a person’s ability to communicate even in situations of impairment and definitely does not have to be limited to children. Though the sentences can be somewhat child oriented, it still uses a nice range of vocabulary and situations that can be useful to many even outside of the appropriated age group.

Abitalk sentence builder app review pic2Once in the app the user creates a profile and then can enter into either level 1 or level 2 sets of sentences. The level 1 sentences are good and simple, graduating at a slow pace as the user progresses. The level 2 work is a nice step up from the first level, adding little things like sentence complexity and extra word options into the mix. The levels offer a lot of examples of different types of sentences that a child can learn to build. The sentences include many subject, verb, noun, and adverb sentence combinations as well as topics like colors & numbers, time of day, and even those common W questions like Who, What, Where and etc.

It seems that with the wide given variety of sentence options, the child is has many great examples that can be easily used to model for other situations outside of the app.  My child is still mostly nonverbal and I have recently learned that she is reading more than we had thought, so this is a great app for her to learn sentence structure and comprehension.

With each example offered, there is included a full color picture of the sample sentence that is going to be built. The app reads the sentence aloud and then the user has the opportunity to select from the given words (in the beginning the user is only given the exact words that make up the sentence, in later levels more words are added for challenge.) The student/user can touch any of the words and hear the word read aloud and then can drag and drop each word into the appropriate order of the given sentence. There is a speaker at the top of the page that allows for a repeat of the given sentence which is a nice point of reference. A celebration ensues as the child/student completes the sentence at hand.

Also within the start up menu is a genius option to be able to create self created lessons. The parent / caregiver / teacher can create sentences using a database of pictures or personal pictures to help create sentence lessons for the child. I love this option and I think it can be a very useful tool for children like mine on the Autism Spectrum that need help with learning communicative skills in the context that they can relate to. By having the ability to completely customize, the parent/caregiver can better focus on the needs of the individual. The only con I see with this app is the price, it’s not ridiculously priced, but it lacks when compared to other more elaborate apps at the same price. If the price of this app were lowered $1, they would probably be more buyers.

Overall this is a great no frills/no nonsense app that does as promised, is nice and simple, easy to use and is going to be a great addition to our homeschool curriculum.

You can grab your copy of the Sentence Builder from the AbiTalk website, or through iTunes.  You can also see more of our reviews of other AbiTalk Apps here.

~ Bird

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  1. I really like this, and I love how simple it is. Some of the ones I’ve seen lately are just crazy complicated. Keep it simple!!

    • I say that to myself all the time when i’m looking through resources for my kids ha, so great to have these available 🙂

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