Snapshot of a Special Needs Family

Some days I forget. I forget that our family isn’t “normal” because we experience so many
“normal” moments-complaining about homework after dinner, ice cream eating contests at McDonalds, Friday night-movie nights….

But last night at church was new “not normal” snapshot for me: It has been a loooooooong time since we’ve attended an evening service at a church (years, maybe), but “The Hubs” and I decided that we were ready to try again. We finally found a church that we all enjoyed and The Hubs had Sunday off.

Snapshot of a special needs familySince there was no children’s service,  all three of the kiddos sat with us.  As we stood and sang, I noticed that J wasn’t singing with us….and then a song came on that I *knew* he knew.  And yet he stayed silent. When I encouraged him to sing out loud, he said, “I’m singing in my head”.  And then I realized it’s been a long while since I’ve heard him sing…anything…and this is from a kid who loves music. He’s so good, that last year his music teacher thought he wasn’t participating well in class, but at the annual performance, he surprised her by belting out every word with a smile on his face.

As I remembered that scenario, I looked over and saw him sitting on a chair, falling asleep (and this was *after* he had taken a nap). I found myself explaining to The Hubs that this is typical for him because of how his mind works-he gets over-stimulated and falls asleep. Naps are seldom his go-to when he experiences sensory over load, but it’s completely preferable to his alternative meltdown-scream-fest that sometimes ensues.

So there were, a family of 5, four of us standing to sing and the 8 year old passed out on the pew. And this time, there were no feelings of embarrassment or worry of what other folks thought. We had accepted our world and finally found a church that wouldn’t judge us along the way.

This is our normal.


Michelle Christiansen
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Michelle Christiansen
Michelle Christiansen

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  1. I totally agree that falling asleep is preferable to the melt down! If only we could special order the one we want. :). So happy for you that you found a church that works for your family!

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