Lover Of Life – O is 3

~ December, 2009

She has been one of my greatest contributions to this world; full of love, and light, laughter, intrigue, curiosity, maintaining buoyancy in all the life around her, gifted to her, made by her.

Changing outfits sometimes hourly, loving the clothes of the summer all year long. Flip-flops, or bare feet is preferred, and though she loves the process of dressing and re-dressing herself, she’d much prefer what she was born in. Never having lived anywhere but Colorado, she has an accent all her own; it is a fine mixture of Colorado, Georgia and Maine with some Boston thrown in for good measure.

Nail polish, lip gloss, hair adornments are craved daily, though the hair decorations will be lucky to last more than a few hours. Anything girly and pink is beautiful, but a fury of scrapping legs and arms will be unleashed if her brothers bother too long. She is the protector of all babies, which far outnumber the members of her family, maybe even 4 fold. Yet she loves them all, each with their purpose, each with their time.

She is the best friend of her brothers, changing her play to meet each one’s needs directly. The love she has for them is whole hearted and only the way a sibling / little mother can. Clearly, she sees the differences between she and her J. She sees his needs, shows compassion and understanding that most 3 year olds cannot grasp…and she had this at 2. She seeks to know how to help him, comfort him, reassure and protect him, yet runs away when she senses “danger” is looming. She knows him all too well.

For her B, she is the protector, the tattletale and the instigator of all fun and troubles to be had. Two giggles of bouncing heads that flutter by, each with their own style, she coaxes him on. To laugh with her, play, explore, live in all that life has to offer. She has a fine balance of sister, friend, mother. For him, she is his comrade in arms. For him, she is his teacher, friend, guide.

The teenager stuck in a 5 year old body, belonging to a three year old of today, she’s constantly caught in the struggle of independence. This ability to do so much on her own has not come slowly; she’s forced herself to act as the eldest child much faster than I had been ready for. She reminders herself that she still needs me at times; she allows me the last few breaths of the hug pressing it’s love through. She gives me the snuggles, asks for the attention, the affection to show me she is still just 3, moments I treasure.

This beautiful little girl, with a head full of circles that she’d rather have run free. This beautiful little girl whose intelligence and keen ability to see, hear, absorb all around her scares me for the amazing possibilities within. This beautiful little girl for whom I have already developed a friendship, who I long for a future relationship of bonds unable to be broken; who challenges me in ways I never knew possible, making me stronger, more thoughtful in my approach to life, to love.

This intelligent, amazing, loving, giving, caring, and sassy sparkling princess of my heart; the little girl of my dreams; this amazing person who blesses me each day with her love, her desire to be with me, her happiness at getting to be my daughter…who honors me by having chosen me as her mother….

She was born just 3 short years ago, today. She came into my life and made my heart grow to unfathomable proportions. She has pushed the pre-conceived limits of the borders of my heart and soul with her sunshine, her zest, her fun, her love. Looking at her, I see my grandmother, myself, her bright future. Looking at her I feel the overwhelming admiration for who she is becoming, who she is now…I look at her and can’t believe it was just a short time ago that she was born.

I love you. Happy Birthday O.