All About Autism • 2011 • Call For Donations

It’s All About Autism. A large online event, including a number of influential bloggers needs your help in the month of April.

Special Happens is a combination of a personal blog and growing resource for parents, caregivers, teachers and therapists of children with special needs. Though the blog touches on many disorders, the main focus includes Autism Spectrum Disorders, Epilepsy, Sensory Processing Disorder, Cerebral Palsy and Developmental Delays.

As April is National Autism Awareness Month, and in celebration of the strength and perseverance that our children continue to show us, as well as the patience and unconditional, unrelenting love they draw out from us each day Special Happens is hosting a number of parents, bloggers, authors and community resources throughout the month.

During this month, giveaway items that both promote and help the community are sought. These are items that help the individual around the child with autism, or the child with autism themselves. I am contacting you on behalf of the event to request donations for just this.


  • A 125 x 125 advertising sidebar space will display your brand’s button, logo or message for the month of April
  • Each giveaway using one of your items will include a permanent photo of the item (supplied by you), permanent link to your site along with a description of the item, and if possible, a permanent display of your brand button, logo or message
  • A blog post linking to and thanking all contributors of products or services donated to the All About Autism month will be posted one time during the month of April
  • One Facebook post about your brand will be posted during the month of April
  • A number of tweets about your brand. This cannot be determined at this time. It may be as many as two per week during the month of April


  • Donation is to a growing online resource. Past series hosted boasts more than 300 unique visitors per day
  • This blog and the series hosted attracts a number of influential bloggers whose following runs into the thousands, which leads to more exposure for your brand
  • Extended exposure via event participants, blog visitors, twitter and Facebook followers


  • The number items is limitless. However, it is respectfully requested that each contributor donates 2-10 items.
  • Please include items that are of value to parents, caregivers or teachers in the special needs community, not to mention the children themselves
  • Example items are: lighted toys, t-shirts, bags, therapeutic devices, books, gift certificates, bathing supplies, items for relaxation, weighted blankets, lap blankets, electronic devices, software, pampering items for caregivers and more. Please do not include items such as keychains, etc unless they are in addition to your donated item, giving you greater exposure to the winner of the item.
  • Realizing this is short notice, I would ask that all items be received by March 19, 2011.


I am honored to have the number and quality of bloggers, parents, authors and community members participating in this event. Should you be willing or have something for these members, beyond what’s asked above, I would greatly appreciate a single item for these amazing and inspiring individuals. They would more than appreciate it too.

Thank you for considering your participation. I do hope we are able to work together to make this event successful for the entire Autism Community. Please contact me any time with questions.

Gina @ Special Happens