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Getting Deeds to His Dog

Getting Deeds to His Dog

Remember this little boy? His name is Deeds. I wrote about him here. Others have written about him every Monday since that incident, you can read some writings here. I’ve even been involved in a Twitter Party for the little guy that you can read about here and here. Did you know he’s almost there?…Continue Reading

Jewlery?  Book?  Toys?  #forDeeds Twitter Party Giveaways

Jewlery? Book? Toys? #forDeeds Twitter Party Giveaways

By now, you’ve read this post about getting stupid out of J’s vocabulary and the #forDeeds twitter party. What you might not know… Twitter parties are about causes (sometimes a campaign for a product, sometimes a ‘movement’, sometimes donations, other times, just a group of gals getting together to sip wine and chat online). Most…Continue Reading

"Stupid. Stupid. STUPID!"

“Stupid.” “Stupid. Stupid. STUPID!” “You STUPID!” “You STUPID Mommy!” Oh what, not a great post so far? Try having that be your conversation with your child. Yes, my son says stupid. A lot. Not only every day, but I’m fairly certain there’s not a waking hour when he hasn’t uttered it. Stupid. We’ve tried different…Continue Reading