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You Say You Don’t Want a Cure?  Well I DO!

You Say You Don’t Want a Cure? Well I DO!

You say you don’t want a cure.  Well I do. I get why you don’t… this is a part of your child, an imperfect piece perfectly imbedded, merged, marinated, simmered and fused within every nuance of your child.  You can not separate autism, or epilepsy, or down syndrome, or whatever it is from your child…Continue Reading

Moving Forward… to Neurosurgery

Moving Forward… to Neurosurgery

In truth, this post is so very, very late. Though central to our life, I’ve neglected to ‘announce’ anything here. Caught up in the storm of scheduling, facts, theories, investigations and emotions, I’ve never quite found the words. …and I wanted to find the words, the best words to explain what’s happening in our home.…Continue Reading