Friday's Finish • A Special Edition

If you’re looking for the “Friday’s Finish” of the past, click here. If you’re looking to join in, keep reading….

We have Wordless Wednesday and a host of other photo linking opportunities, why not one for the special needs community!

Friday's Finish • A Special Edition
Friday's Finish • A Special Edition

You made it through the week! A feat not to be taken lightly.

Friday’s Finish • A Special Edition” captures the amusement of your week, the inspiration that gave you strength, or both. Moments frozen in time where frustration reached new heights but retrospect gave you light. A time you want to treasure…or a time when you walked into a room and found a trashcan full of your daughters hair that she decided she needed to cut even though she’s only four and shouldn’t have scissors anyway…. A-hem.

You can capture a time you found that odd item lying about your home, the dust bunny that is now overgrown, or a photo of something you “cooked” that forced you to throw out a pan. It could be your child’s smile, a chaos discovered, or the serenity of a space that was, for once, in order.

All you have to do is take the photo, schedule the posting on your site for a Friday, then come to Special Happens on that Friday and link up. That simple. When you do, please don’t forget to:

  • Visit other sites on the link up…at least the one or two before you please; and
  • Copy and paste the paragraph below along with your photo

Another week gone and this got me through, a scene to look back and remember. Maybe I laughed, maybe I cried, it’s quite possible, I just broke out the wine. This is my Friday’s Finish • A Special Edition. I published it here, and linked it there to let others see this week’s moment I hold dear… This is posted as part of Friday’s Finish on Special Happens.

Now…let’s see what you did this week…and if you’re looking for the “Friday’s Finish” of the past, click here.

Though this is for the special needs community, you do not have to have a child with special needs. You are here, which means you are supportive of another who has a special journey. And…after all, it’s about life, and all life’s journeys are in some way special.