Letters Series

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2012 Letters SeriesThis is a series that will from mid-March, 2012 through…well, who knows…This is a series of “Letters” to various people in our lives, past and present…even in the future.  These are Letters to our partners, our children, neighbors and legislatures; poetic or raw, full of anger and frustration or the deep and passionate emotions we all hold inside.  Letters to our causes, to the diagnosis’ that sometimes hold our children captive or to diagnosis’ that may even hold onto us…are a part of us, our families…who we were, who we are and who we are to become.  (You can find what’s been written so far here).

This series is intended to be written BY individuals with any diagnosis, parents of special kiddos (children or adults), by teachers, therapists, men and women.  This series is intended to be written FOR all the same…to give common ground throughout the special needs community and beyond.

Anyone is welcome to write more than one letter.  These letters can be happy and sweet, remorseful, or angry or however you need to write the letter (and yes, you can be anonymous).  Follow these subject suggestions:

To Whom I Used To Be

Dear (put diagnosis here)

To My Special Kiddos

Dear Special Siblings

Dear Family

Dear My Spouse / Partner / Ex

Dear Therapists / Doctors / Teachers / Aides

To Friends: Past / Present / Potential

Dear Legislatures / Insurance Companies / Big Pharmaceutical

OPEN LETTER (your choice)

Dear Buddha / God / Whomever you believe in

To the Me of My Future

Interested?  Here’s some things you should know:

  • Please let me know WHICH Letter you would like to submit for.  Submit your Letter along with a short bio, photo and links to SpecialHappens (at) gmail (dot) com.
  • You DO NOT have to use a real name.  Anonymity is a right, and that’s that.  However, I would appreciate some name to be placed along with your posts to give you credit.  Even a twitter handle works.
  • It IS NOT necessary that you have a blog or site.
  • Your piece can be as long or as short as you need to get your point across.  However, depending upon the number of submissions, etc I may have to split a post over 700 words into two pieces.  Please keep in mind that posts generally longer than 700 words should be submitted for the book compilation rather than the online series.  If you have questions around this, just contact me.
  • When you submit your piece, please do so with a photo that goes with it, or your avatar / profile photo…whichever you choose, and a short 3-4 sentence bio.  If it doesn’t squeeze into those limits, that’s fine too.  If you do have a site or blog, please include the page you’d like me link to.
  • To gain new readers for you and keep your readers on their toes, new and refreshing pieces should be a focus…however, time is time and many of us spend it with our kiddos, so older pieces are welcome.
  • If your submission relevantly links to a post on your site or elsewhere, please feel free to put those links in.
  • Care should be put into self-editing.
  • I will send you a button saying you contributed to this series that you can place on your blog / site.
  • If you have any questions, just let me know.

 I look forward to reading, posting and sharing your Letters.