AbiTalk Apps Review Page

AbiTalk was born in 2011 when Emmy Chen, a software engineer and entrepreneur turned stay-at-home mom, realized that interactive apps could be a powerful tool for teaching her young son reading and phonics. Unlike static workbooks and flashcards, apps give kids instant feedback, keeping them engaged and interested in learning.

Some of the contributors at Special Happens have had opportunities to test and review these apps.  Below you’ll find the ones we’ve reviewed along with mini quotes and / or longer reviews.  We hope this information is helpful to you when choosing an app for you and your child.




AbiTalk Christmas Phonics

Christmas Phonics

“The AbiTalk Christmas Phonics app relies on Montessori phonics and the speaker was slow and clear in a voice that didn’t aggravate his auditory sensory issues. We were able to either pick…” (continue)




AbiTalk Math Bug

Math Bug

This is a really colorful app that allowed my son to practice addition, subtraction, or a mixture of both.  It served as more of a review of math concepts rather than a teaching app but I think it would be perfect for advanced beginners. ” – Jennifer Butler




AbiTalk Phonics and Vowels

ABC Phonics & Vowels

Another good educational creation by Abitalk, Phonics Vowels is a comprehensive learning app bringing you in-depth phonics study. Phonics Vowels app covers the basic vowel types by offering a nice selection of examples for each as well as vowel variants and combos.”  – Meredith Myers



Rhyming Bee by AbiTalk

ABC Phonics Rhyming Bee

“My son’s exact words were “I love this!”  It was a great rhyming app that read the words to my nonreader and then he was able to match the rhyming words to the correct flower.  For every answer he got correct, another petal was added to the flower.  This was a 5 star app in both of our opinions!”  – Jennifer Butler



AbiTalk Rhyming Words

Phonics Rhyming Words: Fun Rhyming

“We were excited to begin working with this app.  As my children aren’t yet readers, I did need to take the time to work through the words with them.  In order to keep play successful, I would recommend this app be used with an adult.” – Gina St. Aubin

“I loved that we were able to choose which letter combinations that my child was going to work on but for him the app ended up being more frustrating than rewarding.  In order to match the rhyming words, the child must be able to read the words. When he tried clicking on a word to hear what it was, the app counted that as a wrong answer.  Although he prefers to work independently on his apps, when I worked with him to read the words to him, he was able to complete the rhyming tasks and then really enjoyed the fun reward games.”  – Jennifer Butler


Sentence Builder App by AbiTalk

Sentence Builder App

This is really a universal app that can be greatly utilized in any situation that would be involved in enhancing a person’s ability to communicate even in… (continue).

 “I was surprised with the simplicity of using this app.  All of my children were able to easily adapt to its user-ability   My child with significant special needs (cognitive as well) needed minimal prompting from me for directions and was quickly drawn into the app.”  – Gina St. Aubin