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Sponsorship of Special Happens is a unique opportunity to present relevant, inspirational, creative and problem-solving sellers, authors and artists to readers who would be interested in their product(s). Each sponsor is carefully selected with that criteria in mind. While putting these groups together, the successful Special Happens Sponsor Relationship allows me to contribute financially to my family and continue blogging at an increased frequency.

Special Happens is an informational and personal perspective blog and resource to parents, teachers and caregivers of children with special needs. The blog began in October, 2010 and has already seen constant and consistent readership growth. I am an experienced blogger, tweeter and facebook(er), along with advocating in informal settings, attending conferences, and writing for the Examiner as the National Special Needs Parents Examiner.

That being said, it is an exciting time to begin Sponsorship of a unique site that promises to grow in community, readership, education and advocacy for children with special needs. Thanks for your interest and your support!

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